Extreme makeover: HCP edition

Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

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Just like the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Harding also went through some makeovers this summer.

Publications adviser Kelli Taylor, health/cardio teacher Leslie Piccolo, 9th and 10th grade counselor Tonya Mann and 11th and 12th grade counselor Kate Ferguson all painted the walls of their rooms over the summer break. The rooms, which were previously a dark beige, are now brightly colored and inviting.

Painting classrooms wasn’t the only thing that took place over the break. Chemistry teacher Rachel Cox got new desks donated to her classroom.

“We were really excited to get our new desks because the old ones weren’t working for us anymore,” Cox said.

All of the paint was donated by Joe Jeldy of ReModernOK, a Mid century modern, vintage, antique, art and home decor store located in the Paseo Arts District.

Not only did teachers revamp their classrooms, Russian teacher Crystal Walker got a classroom for the first time. Now that Walker is a full-time faculty member, the administration created a classroom out of a large storage room on the upstairs floor for her classes to meet.

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