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October Food Review: Hatch OKC

Dylan DelCol, Reporter

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“It’s so clean and bright and fancy.”


“Quality of experience: definitely top notch.”


‘I could tell that the food was made with care and attention to detail.”


“I would definitely eat there again, and recommend it to my family and friends.”


These were a few of the phrases that news staff advisor and culinary veteran Kelli Taylor described our breakfast at Hatch, a new breakfast and lunch diner/restaurant style venue in “Automobile Alley,” downtown OKC.

Of their 58-item breakfast menu, we were (sadly) only able to fill ourselves to the brim with five of those options. Our bill included the “Classic Plate” for Rachel Rose, the Chicken and Waffles for Taylor, an English “Lean n’ Mean” sandwich for Jordyn Daniels, Bruleed Oatmeal for Chase Leach, and the Steak and Eggs for me, with more than a few cups of coffee to go around.

Rose’s Classic Plate ($10) comprised of three eggs, either sausage or bacon (Rose replaced with grits), and a side of toast. Rose added a fruit cup, which was fresh berries, for $4.

“The eggs weren’t runny, which I appreciated, and they weren’t too salty either,” she said. The grits, which came with chili flakes for an added twist, were well-flavored, and the chili flakes weren’t overpowering.

Rose described Hatch as being an overall good dining experience that she would recommend to her friends and family.

Taylor was pleased with the menu choices, which varied from sweet pancakes to lunch staples like sandwiches and salads.

“Seeing a menu with so many non-egg [and] savory lunch options made me so very happy that it took me probably 15 minutes to decide on my entrée,” Taylor said.

The server was patient with the staff’s many questions, and was knowledgeable about the menu.

“The service was great,” Taylor said. “When I couldn’t decide between two dishes, I asked the server for his opinion and he had a quick and definitive answer.”

Taylor’s chicken and waffles ($12) was well-presented, and there was a lot of it. Two chicken breasts had been pounded thin, coated with a light batter and fried just to a crisp. Topped with black pepper cream gravy and Cholula hot sauce, the meal hit all the right notes of salt and heat.

“The hot sauce really sent it over the top,” Taylor said. “It was tangy and not really hot, but it added a nice flavor.”

Taylor let me try a little of her chicken, and it struck me how light and crispy it was without being overly greasy. The creamy gravy and hot sauce accentuated the meal.

According to Taylor, the waffle was very light and crisp, with just a hint of sweetness.

“I was a very happy, and very full, camper,” she said.

Daniels’ English Lean n’ Mean sandwich ($9) came with a side of hash-brown tumblers, which were a hit with all the diners at our table.

The whole wheat English muffin sandwich comes with turkey sausage, egg whites, smoked cheddar and avocado salsa.

“I was full when we left,” Daniels said. “I enjoyed going there and would definitely go again. Definitely Jordyn-approved.”

Leach’s house coffee ($3) and oatmeal ($7) came with a side of assorted berries.

“The coffee was smooth and mild with a gentle bitterness – not striking or overwhelming,” Leach said.

It wasn’t the coffee however, but the bruleed oatmeal that was the star of the meal. A melted brown sugar glaze topped the breakfast bowl.

“The oatmeal was warm and heavy,” Leach said. “The brown sugar glaze added a mild sweetness to the entire bowl.”

The fruit also met Leach’s satisfaction, stating that the berries were “cool, contrasting pleasantly with the warm oatmeal.”

I ordered the steak and eggs ($13) with hashbrowns and a cup of coffee.

The well-seasoned steak was flavorful but cooked a little more than I prefer.

The eggs were as good as I’ve ever had. It was one of the few fried eggs that I enjoyed eating every single part of, and it made my day.

The small hashbrowns, served as 1-inch spheres, were beautifully brown and crispy. I absolutely loved them!

I found the seats to be quite comfy, a necessity for a sit-down meal. The bare-brick walls, tall windows, and open infrastructure gave it an open and airy feel that fits the morning meal.

The service at Hatch was exemplary. Our waiter was as openly enthusiastic and friendly as one could hope for.

The only inconvenience of our visit was a lack of parking. That being said, I enjoyed the food quite a lot and I would hardly complain about having to walk a little around the Automobile Alley district to get there.

If, like me, you are inclined to go down to Hatch for breakfast, you can peruse their menu here before going in during their daily business hours of 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the week and until 4 p.m. on weekends.

You can find them online at or at 1101 North Broadway Avenue.

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October Food Review: Hatch OKC