Girls volleyball post season update

Gregory Rihardson, Reporter

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The Volleyball team at Douglass senior night

By the end of their playing season, the girls volleyball team won 2 matches and lost  9. Sophomore Lizbythe Chavez, did not have the opportunity to play because of eligibility, but still felt like a member of the family. “During practice, I was an outside blocker. I stood on the top left of our side. My job was to make sure the ball didn’t hit the ground on our side and to help the middle blocker with the same goal.”

“I didn’t play a game, but I would’ve loved to see Casady go down. That would’ve been amazing, because they are winning almost every game” Chavez said. “This was my first year playing, and I wanted to at least score 2 to 3 points a game.”

“I think it is kind of weird talking to myself, or doing something to warm up. I just try my best to focus on what is right in front of me.”

Some people who played in middle School are returning to play. Sophomore Calle Tyler was getting back into the groove of competitive volleyball. “I wanted to make sure that I was ready to play volleyball again.”

“I really wanted the team to beat Casady they are really stuck up” Tyler said. “Since this is my first year playing on a high school team. I was really trying to be the support.”

Sophomore Emily Popielec is trying to be one of the star players. “I do not want to sound cocky, but I hoped that I would  be like the MVP or something” she said.

“My point average was around 3 to 4 points a game” Popielec said. “I wanted to make more but it was kind of hard, our opponents were really good.”

Coaches Lexi Washington, and Priscila West are hoping to have a better season next year. “One major thing that we need to work on next year is unity” West said. “That was one of our biggest struggles, because the girls at the start were working against each other.”

Make sure to support the team next season by attending games.



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