Juniors jump to All State

Alice Bennett, Reporter

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Juniors Victor Nguyen and Jackson Burnette qualified for this year’s All-State orchestra following their December 1st auditions.

Burnette earned 1st chair – the number one spot – in the bass section, beating out all 19 other competitors, and after competing in both preliminary and secondary rounds, Nguyen took twentieth chair for the first violins section ahead of forty other final competitors.

Orchestra director Kelli Taylor said “It’s the first time ever for any two [in Orchestra] to go to All-State.”

The Oklahoma Music Educators Association, or OkMEA, said that “The auditions are extremely competitive. Each group includes selected students from the smallest schools to the largest.” 

“Some kids even stop playing because the stress it just too much.” Taylor stated.

Nguyen and Burnette both had to play scales, etudes (audition material), excerpts from large pieces of music, and then sight read a piece of music they’ve never seen before.

“I expected to be stressed out,” Burnette said. “But it’s an in-the-moment thing.”

Not only competitive, All-State is also strict about it’s rules and times. Kelli Taylor stated “If you miss your time by even one second you can’t play.” There was a large amount of kids who did not show up for their auditions, the cellos having over 30 players who did not show up to play. 

With high risk comes high reward however, as All-State opens up several opportunities for students who gain entry, bringing scholarships and other possibilities for the future.

“I felt really accomplished.” Nguyen said when talking about how it felt to get into All State.

“It felt really good,” Burnette said. This was Burnette’s second year getting into All State, the bassist having moved up a chair from last year. 

“My favorite part of All-State is the overall experience and the final concert. It feels like an accumulation of the overall things you’ve achieved.”

Both expect to do very well next year, with Victor hoping to move up to somewhere above 10th chair and Jackson expecting to keep first chair. 

The All-State concert will take place on January 18, 19 and 20 in Tulsa.

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