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Jordyn Daniels, Reporter

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A new law went in place on Nov.1 for Oklahoma drivers. Vehicles are no longer allowed to drive in the left lane except when they are passing another vehicle.

According to State Trooper Dwight Durant, in an interview with NewsOK, “You can travel in that left lane but if somebody comes up behind you, you’re required to get over to the right-hand lane and let them pass.” Fines for traveling in the left lane are estimated to be $235. The new law was adopted by the Oklahoma Legislature hoping to prevent accidents and increase traffic flow with hopes of making roads safer.

“I thought it already was a law, I think they [police] should have done a better job of enforcing it the first time around,” said junior Alison Padilla.

According to Fox23, state Troopers will not begin enforcing the law right away, they want to give drivers enough time to transition before giving tickets.

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To the right, to the right